Cable car Sentosa

Welcome to dysparadise!

I live in Singapore, a tropical paradise, a bubble of peace and perplexity in South East Asia. It’s a country of contradiction, a nanny nation, an ironic interpretation of insipid inspiration.

And it is home. The upside is that there is so much material here that, sadly, inspires.

I started writing in 2017, semi-random scribbles on my Galaxy Note 5 while on the daily sweaty commute to work. After a year or so of sharing my work on social media, I started to put together some of that writing and published it in 2018, “We the Citizens“. It is available on Amazon.

On this website, you will find poetry and prose that hopefully provokes thought and spurs action – read all about it in “Latest Posts“. If you are a rabid pro-establishment kind of person, parental guidance is advised.

In “Love and other drugs“, you will find the despair that comes with knowing that the best can never be.

While there is so much that is wrong in this paradise, we cannot afford to close our ideas and hearts, batten down the hatches, brick up windows and build up walls.

As you browse through, may you find something here that makes you uncomfortable.

Enough to do something.

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