love, Poetry

sex in small places

A tight squeeze,
A close fit,
A warm body,
Hip to hip.

Her shower wet
Hair across my face,
I began to regret
My morning haste.

In a warm cabin
Our bodies intertwined,
I didn’t need to ask
She could read my mind.

Pressed against the door,
We edged closer to release.
At long last it came,
“Next station, Jurong East!”

In an interview with a local newspaper on Oct 12, the minister in charge of looking into the falling birth rate was told that a possible reason for Singapore’s abysmal birth rate was that Singaporeans wanted to buy their own place before they started planning to have a baby. (And property prices in this country are through the roof.)
Her response was “you need a very small space to have sex”. Thank you Josephine Teo, and SMRT for your sardine-packed trains.

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