inequality, Poetry

on the dot

It is a salmon blemish
in a sea of white, standing out
not because it wants to,
just because it is

some want to put a full stop to it,
build barricades to defend divisions
but in drawing a fence around a point,
the point is made clearer

maybe they see a pimple to squeeze,
cyst to excise, itch to ease
or at least hide from prying eyes,
who knows

but if you look closely enough
at anything, everything,
all you’ll ever see. are. dots.

pink dot


Imagine having a law in your country that criminalises who you are as a person.

Imagine the leaders in your country telling you they won’t actively enforce the law.

Imagine having to hide who you are because of this law. And living in the fear that one day someone may use their knowledge of this against you.

Or imagine living openly as who you are, but employers, friends and associates keeping you at arms length because of the potential fallout as you are, in the eyes of the law, a criminal if you are who you are.

Imagine having problems getting a job, or keeping your job or advancing in your career because of who you are.

Imagine being a young person and wondering why the law views who you are as wrong.

Imagine being an old person and wondering why society still views you as wrong.

Imagine being a religious person and having someone tell you to your face that you are an abomination.

Imagine having problems with inheritance and wills, property purchases, taxation, and even being able to see and take care of the one you love in a time of grave illness because of who you are.

For some in Singapore, they do not have to imagine.

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