Childhood, family, love, memory, Poetry

Mothers’ Day

Thank you, Mothers

Sleepless nights,
And sleepy days.
Stopping fights,
And guiding play.

Holding hands,
And crossing roads.
Endless errands,
And folding clothes.

Cooking meals,
And making do.
Paying bills,
And working too.

Showing right,
From wrong and grey.
Bailing out,
Saying it’s ok.

Picking up,
When you fall.
Dusting off,
Being your wall.

Building dreams,
And battling ghosts.
With ice-cream,
When it matters most.

Wiping tears,
And drying eyes.
Calming fears,
When saying goodbye.

Watching from
The gates, the doors,
Watching, waiting,
Till you’re home once more.

I’ve now gone love
But I’m still here,
From high above
I’ll watch over you dear.

(A note of special thanks to Edmund Arozoo who wrote the last four lines; in loving remembrance of those who gave us life, love, everything).

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