inequality, Poetry, Politics

Divided Hopes

I am not the same as you,
I am different, that is true.
Different words, different kin,
Different gods, different skin.

We don’t see eye to eye.
You are looking to the sky,
Unlike me, down below,
Much too small, much too slow.

Must we hate to prove our love,
Isolate, for one above?
Must we draw lines in the sand,
Poison wells and salt the land?

Must we make up enemies
To stand together, you and me?
Must we fall before we stand,
Dare you hold this outstretched hand?

Yes, we don’t see eye to eye
But please, let’s both look to the sky:
The flag that flies is worth fighting for,
That is our hope, our Singapore.

We are one nation, under many gods,
Many skins, many mods,
We are our divisive diversity,
Our difference must be our unity.

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