memory, Poetry

Clean slate

The clean slate just got a little cleaner,
The lean state just got a little leaner,
The winds of change have blown all out of breath,
Now marks the fall, of one, two, fewer left.

A new broom sweeps very very clean,
Leaving behind just the very very green.
The downside to breaking all new ground,
Is the thin ice on which they now are found.

As bridges burn, tables turn, numbers churn,
You learn to live, learn to leave, learn to learn.
When some doors close, others open wide,
Step through, don’t rue, to the other side.

Leave rag and pail, dusty broom and mop,
To re-start a heart, first it has to stop.

I wrote this a year ago, inspired by a short story “A Real Durwan”, written by Jhumpa Lahiri. It’s a lovely, haunting tale.

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