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The elephant outside the classroom

Chew Wei Shan's facebook post on meritocracy and elitism clearly made a lot of people very uncomfortable, especially those of a certain socio-economic status (SES). She didn't pull any punches in her sharp, self-aware commentary on the divisions in our schools. In the other corner, are these feeble attempts to examine things superficially instead of structurally,… Continue reading The elephant outside the classroom

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What’s the merit in meritocracy?

What is the merit in meritocracy? Meritocracy is a social system in which people reach positions of power based on their abilities - physical and mental abilities like health and intelligence, social abilities like leadership and people-skills, character traits like confidence, discipline, resilience. And how does one get these abilities? 1. You're born with them.… Continue reading What’s the merit in meritocracy?

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When did you last

take a public bus or stand on a train, queue with no fuss, or walk in the rain? wear hand-me-downs, or eat left-over lunch, go for dead-end interview rounds, or drink F&N punch? wait at A&E wondering if you could pay, count days, bills, money till your next payday? swim at East Coast beach because… Continue reading When did you last

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Can Singapore afford to pay ministers and top civil servants millions?

Yes! Yes! And absolutely Yes! $$$$$$$$$$$$ From a financial point of view, we can easily afford it. Their multi-million dollar salaries are a drop in the bucket compared to the huge economy of Singapore. We could even afford to pay them millions more. It's not going to break the bank. But herein lies the problem.… Continue reading Can Singapore afford to pay ministers and top civil servants millions?