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Life support

Try to explain to a three-year-old why her grandpa's in hospital by the grace of God and not lying my God it is hard both to explain high religion and base mortality shy of turning it into causality. We believe in God the Father Almighty Creator of mothers and fathers and sons and grand-daughters who… Continue reading Life support

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99 red ballons go by

We fixate over fixtures, Curtains and trimmings, We measure lighting Too bright, though brimming. Lying on rugs: gazing At the sofa - genuine faux leather Hiding behind aircon double glazing Sweating, no matter the weather. Does it matter whether We own bubbles in the sky? Till we find a home We are all just renting,… Continue reading 99 red ballons go by

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heritage is?

Heritage. It’s the crack they dole out to cover up the cracks in the foundations, as the damp creeps up the walls and soils shift because they’ve dug too deep, siphoned too much, layered too many underpasses, tunnels and sewers one over the other like catacombs of the living dead. Heritage only really matters here… Continue reading heritage is?

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second language

Bila masuk sekolah rendah, dalam buku kali pertama bertemu bahasa itu. Cara berbicara sangat susah, setiap hari, setiap kali, tengok muka tapi tidak faham apa guru kata. Dalam bilik darjah sangat bising tapi kepala saya berapa kali pusing. Hati penuh kerana tidak tahu kenapa mesti belajar bahasa itu, memang saya tidak setuju. Now this language… Continue reading second language

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ice cream soda dreams

grandpa was not richbut bestowed us a fortuneof sweets, chocolate coinsor twenty cents to buy our own.grandpa was not richbut gave us our first wheels,scavenged from spare partsracing corridors, pounding hearts.grandpa was not rich,but he made butter sugar dreamsandwiches, washed down ice creamsoda at a rental flat in Ghim Moh.grandpa was not rich,but he always… Continue reading ice cream soda dreams