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heritage is?

Heritage. It’s the crack they dole out to cover up the cracks in the foundations, as the damp creeps up the walls and soils shift because they’ve dug too deep, siphoned too much, layered too many underpasses, tunnels and sewers one over the other like catacombs of the living dead. Heritage only really matters here… Continue reading heritage is?

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A freed slave

On every channel on every TV, tonight, (unless you have cable), you’re bound to see our aged PM, crying as he watches on his TV, his father proud, shouting loud to an expectant, roaring, rowdy crowd, some fifty-nine years ago, a simple word, full of gusto, Merdeka! Meaning “slaves now freed”. A middle finger to… Continue reading A freed slave

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Can Singapore afford to pay ministers and top civil servants millions?

Yes! Yes! And absolutely Yes! $$$$$$$$$$$$ From a financial point of view, we can easily afford it. Their multi-million dollar salaries are a drop in the bucket compared to the huge economy of Singapore. We could even afford to pay them millions more. It's not going to break the bank. But herein lies the problem.… Continue reading Can Singapore afford to pay ministers and top civil servants millions?

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your vote is not secret

All of us know your vote is not secret. It's seen everywhere you go without apology or regret, in the towers of steel and glass that dome our nation transactional, in the daily grind and farce we pretend is just exceptional, in the old man, foot of block lying lifeless, quiet and still we close… Continue reading your vote is not secret

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fyi – no action needed

We preach intolerance as independence Cowardice as community We see caring as insurrection Divison as unity. We claim injustice as birthright Rewrite history till it's chaste We quote holy books and heroes When it suits our taste. We assure young men of their futures As long as they toe the line We hold a mirror… Continue reading fyi – no action needed

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Invitate et Caritate

Why is there no proper, elegant word for the situation where you find yourself writing to the persons you invited to say they no longer are welcome? "reject"? No, you offered, there is nothing for you to reject, except yourself. "dis-invited"? An ugly prefix which far from fixes. "uninvited"? Feigns ignorance of the invitation. "withdraw/… Continue reading Invitate et Caritate