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To be three

They say you don't remember Anything before the age of four. Don't remember that thumb jammed in the door, Don't remember that tooth Chipped on the floor, Don't remember tantrums In the toy store, Don't remember your mom's Sleepless nights, Don't remember your dad's Tired sighs, Don't remember your brother's Protective lies. You won't remember… Continue reading To be three

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Moving parts

We make plans. Enter into .......... contracts, marriages, mortgages. Look up weather forecasts .......... for the week, the month, the year when our city will be six feet under water. We make telescopes .......... to see stars already dead, We read horoscopes .......... to see futures all ready made. We have children .......... to see… Continue reading Moving parts

Childhood, family, love, Poetry

In descending order

A telomere Life is a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences is a repetitive sequence at each end of a chromosome, at each end, which protects the end of the chromosome which protects some from deterioration or from fusion from deterioration with neighbouring chromosomes. when it's time to go, "I before you, except after she." I'll… Continue reading In descending order